Round Control Electric Cable

Round Control Electric Cable

Electric Cable

Round Control Electric Cable


Its the control cable being used for cranes and other appliances in dry or wet environment (indoor).For its specifical flexibility . Its also can be used for non-continuous installation or fixtion, itnsulated cable rope among cores functions as tensile resistance.


In the condition of ultra-height .We recommend to use cable with 2 steels whose broken pulling force reaches 10.4KN and the height 150m .For the adoption of modified PVC-RUBBER sheath, the product has an excellent properties and safety service.



Conductor:Fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire,acc,to VDE0295 ,class 5

Colour :vaious colour cores with number acc to JISC3306

       Black with white number and green/yellow IEC227

Steel rope: one or two self-supporting steel rope is used to carry tensile force

Outer sheath: PVC-RUBBER ,black (Ral 9005)


Technical data:

Rated coltage:≤1.5MM 300/500V

            >1.5mm 450V/750V

Test voltage:≤1.5mm 2500V

            >1.5mm 3000V

Temperature range:-15℃ to +80℃

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