HFP56 Enclosed Conductor Rails

HFP56 Enclosed Conductor Rails

Enclosed conductor bar system

HFP56 Enclosed Conductor Rails

    Union Wtz Enclosed Conductor rail system is a powerail,protected from contact (IP23),for indoor and outdoor plants.Then are conductor lines in a rigid green PVC hoursing with different copper cross sections for rated currents of 35A-240A.The current collectors running in ball bearings are guided by the housing .The main is transferred by spring-stored carbon brushes.Approved and listed by :CCC,ISO901 and CE.


1、Current collector













2、Joint box

For bended Joints



For bolted joints


3、Hanger Fixed



4、Bolted joints(for 140A conductor in standard)






5、End feed



6、End cap



7、Line feeding with 0.5meter power (extra accessory)

For feeding joints







8、Led light


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