High Tro Reel System

High Tro Reel System

High tro reel bus bar system

High Tro Reel System

Low-Powe Insulated HTR series Seamless High Tro Reel System is a new type of industrial mobile power feeding system.The conductor bar has 3,4,6 poles, with a current collector capacity about 50A to 140A.

1、Safe,Stable , Seamless.

2、Light weight,Simple structure.Easy for carry and install.

3、Copper contact closely with insulated sleeve,no bad contact due to vibration.

4、Insulated material is special formula PVC, which is impact resistant,uv resistant.

5、Suitable for various kind of curve runway.(Curve R≥0.6m)

1、3P Bus bar system

4P Bus bar ssytem

6P Bus bar system 


Current collector 

End Tensioner

Hanger Clamp

Line Feeding

3、Technical Data:

Rating :3P/4P/6P




       Conductor bar:Copper

       Insulation: Rigid PVC (Heat resistance:75℃)


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