KG Enclosed Conductor Rail

KG Enclosed Conductor Rail

Enclosed conductor bar system

KG Enclosed Conductor Rail


Copper bus bar Specifications

Our Multiple Enclosed conductors have passed CCC, CE, ISO and SGS Certifications.

These systems feature multiple conductors, typically copper strips, in an insulated enclosure. The current  collector tracks are inside the enclosure, with the joining electric cable connected via an opening (slot) in the bottom of the enclosure. The bottom opening can be sealed with a neoprene sealing strip to keep debris and fumes out.

The current collector is self-guided in these systems and only needs to be towed with a towing arm. Multiple copper conductors in an enclosure (aluminum or PVC housing) is available in 3 to 16 conductors and amperage capacities from 30 to 240.



The ranges of applications of KQ-HXG  Power Rail Enclosed Conductor bar System

1.Overhead and elongated tracks for cranes.

2.Electric hoists, electric tools, stacking systems.

3.Electric tools

4.Other applications for supplying power to moving power load.


Current collector 


The current collectors are made of re-inforced polyester fiberglass,for high strength and light weight.

Spring loaded carbon brushes maintain uniform contact.

Connecting cables and hinged or flexible towing arms included.

Double Current collectors for transfer applications and higher amperage.






Multipole current collect fork is made of aluminum alloy (6063A GB), making it more resistant to oxidation, corrosion resistance, high surface finish

Connect wire box

The box is used to connect the power line.

Conductor bar sheath

Conductor Bar Sheath is mainly used to connect components to prevent oxidation, the rain, another  also beautify the appearance of conductor bars.


Standard brackets for conductor attachment to crane girders are available. Conductor is with sliding and fix point hangers.

Standard distance between suspension appoints for indoor and outdoor installations: 1200mm to 1500mm.

Angle steel bracket

Angle steel bracket in the conductor bar system is to put the system in the plant H to fixed bracketAngle steel bracket is made of aluminum alloy 6063A GB, making it more resistant to oxidation, corrosion resistance, high surface finish

End cap






The open ends of the conductor bar are closed by end caps to protect conductor bar from oxidation, corrosion resistance, high surface finish.

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